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Private Attorneys

Private Attorneys

Below are other attorneys in the area who we recommend if you have a legal issue related to one of the areas of law listed below.  Please note that our law firm is not affiliated with any of these other firms nor do we represent that any of these attorneys are the right fit for your particular legal issue.  These attorneys are who we know and respect in the legal community.

a. Bankruptcy

i. San Francisco County. The Law Offices of Martha J. (Bankruptcy procedures for businesses and individuals, purchasing assets out of bankruptcy, asset sales and debt restructuring, and other services)

b. Employment Law

i. Alameda County. Bohbot & Riles, PC  (Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Retaliation/Whistleblower, Reasonable Accommodations, FMLA/Leave Issues, Wage-Hour Issues, Severance, Personal Injury, Immigration, Business Services)

ii. Marin County. Jaret &  (Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and Whistleblower Claims)

iii. San Francisco County. Kosinski and Thiagaraj, LLP (Wage and Hour Issues, Class Actions, Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation/Whistleblower, Wrongful Termination, Severance Review and Negotiations, Employment Contract Review).

iv. San Mateo County. Bain Mazza & Debski LLP –  (Sexual Harassment, Wrongful Termination, Employment Discrimination, Family Medical Leave, Retaliation, Whistleblower Retaliation, Wage and Hour Violations, Employment Contract Review, Disability Discrimination, Pregnancy Discrimination, Personal Injury)

c. Family Law

i. Marin County. Kaspar Lugay  (Divorce, Child Custody, Tax, and Business Law)

ii. San Francisco County. Robbins Family (Divorce, Custody, Support)

d. Real Estate

i. Marin County. Jaret &  (Real property disputes, breach of contract, failure to disclose concealed defects, boundary line disputes, easement disputes, landslide and land subsidence disputes, tree disputes and nuisance claims)

e. Trust & Estates

i. Santa Clara County. Compass Legal  (Estate Planning, Probate, Trust Administration)

f. Social Security Disability

 i. Bay Area. Eric J. Patrick, Esq., Richard A. Gutstadt, (SSI & SSDI Appeals)

ii. Bay Area. LaPorte Law Firm  (SSI & SSDI)

iii. Marin County. Law Offices of Patrick (SSDI Application & Appeals)

 g. Personal Injury

i. Alameda County. The Law Offices of Joseph W. Campbell (Wrongful Death, Government Tort Liability, Motor Vehicles Accidents, Professional Negligence, Premises Liability)

ii. Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.  Kelly Balamuth, Balamuth (Personal Injury and Professional Negligence on behalf of the injured and wronged; specializing in auto, premises, and dog bite cases).

iii. San Francisco County.  Sally Morin Law  (Serious Pedestrian, Bicycle, Motorcycle and Automobile cases ONLY).

 h. Immigration

i. Bay Area.  James R. Mayock – E&M Mayock –  (Employment-based immigration, family-based immigration, citizenship/naturalization, temporary worker visas)

ii. Bay Area.  Kelly McCown – McCown & Evans (Employment-based immigration, labor certification, and employment-based permanent residence applications)

 i. Workers’ Compensation

i. Alameda County. Boxer & Gerson,  (Handles all types of Workers’ Compensation cases, including total disability claims, death claims, and occupational disease claims)

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