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San Carlos Long Term Care Attorneys

San Carlos Long Term Care Attorneys

Skilled ERISA Lawyers Handling Long-Term Care Claims in San Carlos, California

Long-term care insurance plans are designed to provide much needed financial support to people who need assistance with their activities of daily living (ADLs) or with their instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs). This could include tasks such as bathing, toileting, preparing meals, and getting dressed. According to recent estimates, as many as two thirds of American adults over the age of 65 will eventually require at least some form of long-term care support.

Unfortunately, long-term care coverage can often be difficult for people to obtain. This is where our legal team can help. At Kantor & Kantor LLP, our top-rated San Carlos long-term care lawyers have extensive experience handling long-term care claims in Northern California. If you or a family member has had your claim wrongly rejected, please contact our team for professional legal guidance.

 Why Was Your Claim Denied?

The first step in recovering the full and fair long-term care coverage that you deserve is figuring out the specific reason your application was denied. Under California state regulations, your insurance company should have sent you a denial letter explaining its decision. If you have not received such a letter, please call our legal team today. If you have received a denial letter, you should seek legal representation. Your attorney can examine your rejection letter, along with your circumstances, in order to determine what steps you need to take next.

How Our San Carlos Long-Term Care Lawyers Help

Upon reviewing your denial letter, our compassionate San Carlos long-term care lawyers will get starting building a strong appeal on your behalf. Generally, this requires obtaining additional evidence to support your claim for benefits. Though, every case is unique. In some cases, no further documentation may be required. We will then submit your appeal. Usually, the first appeal is done directly with the insurance company. Our legal team’s goal is to get you your benefits without resorting to litigation. However, if the insurance company refuses to treat you and your family fairly, we are always ready to file a lawsuit to help you get your coverage.

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At Kantor & Kantor LLP, our California long-term care attorneys have extensive experience handling complex long-term care claims. We can help you get the full and fair benefits that you are rightfully owed. If you need help with your claim, please contact us today to set up a free, no strings attached review of your case.


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