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Richmond Long Term Disability Lawyers

Richmond Long Term Disability Lawyers

At Kantor & Kantor, our Richmond long term disability lawyers work tirelessly so that our clients get the financial benefits that they need to support themselves and their families. Insurers must be held accountable for paying full benefits to policyholders. If your long term disability claim was denied, we are ready to fight for your rights. For a free, confidential initial consultation with an experienced California disability attorney, please contact us today. 

You Have Limited Time to Appeal of a Long Term Disability Denial

Long term disability insurance appeals are subject to strict filing deadlines. Failure to comply with a deadline could result in your claim being rejected outright—without it ever getting a review on the merits. 

If you got disability coverage from your employer or your spouse’s employer, then your claim is likely regulated by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Under ERISA, you generally have six months (180 days) to bring a disability appeal. 

However, other types of disability policies typically have shorter deadlines. In fact, you may have as little as 30 days to appeal. Call a Richmond, CA disability attorney as soon as possible after receiving a denial letter. Your lawyer will make sure that your appeal is submitted before time runs out.  

How Our Richmond, CA Long Term Disability Lawyers Can Help

Long term disability insurance is supposed to provide financial protection to people in their time of need. Sadly, insurers do not make the claims process easy. Even a small mistake could result in a denial. We fight for justice. Our Richmond long term disability lawyers have extensive experience handling insurance appeals. We are ready to: 

  • Conduct a no-cost, no-obligation review of your disability claim;
  • Hear your story and explain your legal options;
  • Carefully investigate the matter—securing relevant vocational evidence and medical evidence; and
  • Represent you in negotiations with the insurance company.  

We know how intimidating it can be to go up against a big insurance company that has deep pockets. With Kantor & Kantor, you pay nothing until we win or settle your case. We have resources to advocate on your behalf. Our team is proud of our long, well-documented record of success stories representing clients in long term disability claims. 

Contact Our Richmond Long Term Disability Attorneys Today

At Kantor & Kantor, our California ERISA lawyers are passionate, results-driven advocates for clients. We will fight to get you and your family the maximum available disability benefits. To request a no-cost, no-obligation review of your case, please contact us right away. We represent clients in Richmond and throughout the surrounding region in Contra Costa County. 


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