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Richmond ERISA Lawyers

Richmond ERISA Lawyers

Enacted into law in 1974, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) regulates most employer-sponsored group welfare plans offered in the United States. Although ERISA provides some much needed legal protections to individuals, it also makes the claims process quite complicated. Insurance companies know how to use this complexity to their own financial advantage.  

At Kantor & Kantor, our Richmond, California ERISA lawyers are aggressive and committed advocates for plan participants and plan beneficiaries. We will fight for the rights of you and your family. If you need help from an ERISA lawyer in Richmond, please contact our law firm for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

Full-Service ERISA Law Firm Representing Clients in Richmond

Our Richmond, California ERISA lawyers have the legal knowledge and dedication required to handle the full range of legal claims brought under this federal law. If you or your loved ones are struggling to obtain your benefits through an ERISA retirement plan or welfare plan, we are available to help. ERISA claims that our attorneys frequently handle in Richmond include:

What You Need to Know About ERISA Claims

ERISA preempts other state and federal claims. If you are filing a claim against an ERISA-regulated benefits plan, you need to know your rights and responsibilities under the law. Notably, if you are denied benefits, the insurance company has a duty to send you a written denial letter that highlights the reasoning behind its adverse decision.

After a rejection of benefits, the first step you should take is to get the denial letter to an experienced Richmond ERISA lawyer for a comprehensive evaluation. You only have a limited amount of time to file an appeal. Your first appeal must be made directly to the insurer and it must include all relevant supplemental evidence.

In ERISA litigation — which will not always be necessary, as many disputes can be settled during the administrative appeals process — federal courts are largely restricted to reviewing your claim file. If you fail to submit important documents or records to the insurance company, that information will not make into your case. It is essential that you are represented by an ERISA attorney who knows who to protect your interest during every stage of the appeals process.

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At Kantor & Kantor, our Richmond ERISA lawyers take pride in advocating for the rights and interests of the people who need it most. We handle the full range of ERISA claims. To arrange a free consultation, please contact our law firm today. Our law firm represents clients in Richmond and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.


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