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Long Term Disability Lawyer Near Me

Long Term Disability Lawyer Near Me

At Kantor & Kantor, our nearby long term disability lawyer provides reliable, results-focused legal representation to individuals and families. We have gone up against virtually all of California’s largest insurance companies and our attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of the claims process. If your long term disability claim was rejected, we are prepared to help you maximize your benefits. To schedule a free, completely confidential case evaluation with a top California disability lawyer, please call us today. 

You Have Limited Time to File a Disability Appeal

Long term disability claims are denied for a wide variety of different reasons—from relatively minor (and correctable) errors in the paperwork to fierce disputes over the medical evidence. Insurance companies must pay the full disability benefits that were promised. Regardless of why your claim was rejected, you will only have a small window of time to file an appeal. 

For disability policies that are regulated by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), an administrative appeal must be filed within 180 days. For individual disability policies that are regulated by California state law, a claimant may have as little as 30 days to file an insurance appeal. Do not miss out on your opportunity to bring an appeal. 

Three Steps to Take if Your Long Term Disability Claim is Denied

As a general rule, insurance companies have a legal responsibility to send written denial letters to policyholders. These letters are supposed to explain why benefits are being denied. In reality, denial letters are typically full of industry-specific jargon and they are difficult to parse. Here are three steps to take if your long term disability claim is denied California:

  • Carefully review your long term disability denial letter, taking care to note the stated reason for denial, and the deadline to file an initial appeal. 
  • Get all of your information organized. You need strong, compelling supporting evidence to bring an appeal. 
  • Schedule a free initial consultation with a nearby long term disability lawyer. Your lawyer will help you get started with the appeals process. 

With offices throughout and the Bay Area and Northern California, our team of top-rated disability attorneys have recovered approximately $500 million in benefits for clients. Our long record of success handling insurance appeals speaks for itself. We are more than ready to work for you and your loved ones. 

Get Help From a Local Long Term Disability Attorney

At Kantor & Kantor, our California long term disability lawyers are experienced and aggressive. We will protect your rights and help you get the full financial benefits that you deserve. Contact our law firm now for a no-cost, no-obligation assessment of your case. With offices located throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, we are well-positioned to handle your case.


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