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Life Insurance Appeals Attorneys Contra Costa County

Life Insurance Appeals Attorneys Contra Costa County

At Kantor & Kantor, our life insurance appeals attorneys in Contra Costa County are proud to advocate for the legal rights and financial interests of the people—not for the big insurance companies. With more than 160 years of collective legal experience, we have a comprehensive understanding of the claims process. If your life insurance claim was denied, our legal team is here to help. To schedule a free consultation with a top-rated California life insurance lawyer, please contact us today.

An Overview of Life Insurance Appeals in California 

If your life insurance policy came from an employer, it is likely controlled by federal law in the form of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). If it was purchased on the individual market, then it is likely regulated by California state law. In either case, claimants should receive a denial letter that explains why benefits were not paid. 

In your appeal, you must provide supplemental evidence that addressed the reason for denial. Life insurance benefits may be denied for a wide range of different reasons—from multiple parties filing overlapping claims to disputes regarding a policy exclusion. Make sure your appeal directly challenges the reason for denial. Please note that you only have a limited amount of time to file an appeal. Indeed, many life insurance policies require an appeal to be filed within as little as 30 days. 

Why Trust the Life Insurance Attorneys at Kantor & Kantor

In far too many cases, the big insurance companies refuse to pay out valid claims. You need an attorney with experience navigating the insurance appeals process. As these cases are time-sensitive, we are always ready to hit the ground running. When you call our firm, you will speak to a Contra Costa County life insurance appeals attorney who can: 

  • Listen to your story, evaluate your case, and answer your questions; 
  • Investigate your life insurance denial—gathering relevant evidence;
  • Handle all correspondence and settlement discussions with the insurer; and
  • Craft a fully customized strategy designed to get successful results. 

We are focused on helping clients recover financial compensation from the insurance company. Insurers do not get to make the final decision on a life insurance claim. Our Contra Costa County life insurance lawyers will take your appeal as far as it needs to go—and you pay nothing until we win or settle your case. 

Call Our Contra Costa County, CA Life Insurance Appeals Lawyers for Help

At Kantor & Kantor, our Bay Area life insurance attorneys are compassionate, results-driven advocates for families. If you are preparing a life insurance appeal, we can help. For a no-cost, no-obligation consultation, please contact our law firm now. We handle life insurance appeals throughout Contra Costa County, including in Concord, Richmond, San Pablo, Walnut Creek, San Ramo, and El Cerrito. 


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