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Half Moon Bay Long Term Disability Attorneys

Half Moon Bay Long Term Disability Attorneys

ERISA Lawyers Representing Long Term Disability Claimants in Half Moon Bay, California

The vast majority of employer backed group benefits policies are governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). This 1970s federal law standardized the claims process. It also provides critically important legal rights to plan beneficiaries. If you have a medical condition or disability that is preventing you from working, you might have a claim under an ERISA plan. You might also have a claim under another type of private, individual health plan.

No matter the specific circumstance, you need your full medical and income benefits without delay. Insurance companies put a tremendous amount of work into finding ways to pay out as little as possible. At Kantor & Kantor LLP, our experienced Half Moon Bay long term disability lawyers are committed to fighting for the rights of insurance plan beneficiaries. If your long term disability claim was denied or underpaid in the San Francisco Bay Area, please contact our legal team for immediate assistance.

What Our Half Moon Bay Long Term Disability Attorneys Can Do For You

The long term disability claims & appeals process is deeply complex. In the event that you need guidance with any aspect of the process, you cannot rely on a representative of the insurance company for legitimate advice. Insurance company representatives are focused on protecting the interests of the insurance company. You should consult with an experienced ERISA disability lawyer. At Kantor & Kantor LLP, our Half Moon Bay long term disability attorneys are dedicated to providing the best legal service for our clients. We will:

  • Help you prepare your initial disability application;
  • Review the long term disability denial letter;
  • Track down all relevant medical and occupational evidence;
  • Assemble evidence in a compelling manner, addressing the precise reasons for denial of benefits;
  • Submit a persuasive administrative appeal;
  • Negotiate with your insurer to get you full benefits; and
  • File a long term disability lawsuit in the appropriate court.

In many cases, our aggressive California ERISA lawyers are able to get our clients full settlement offers, without actually going through litigation. This is ideal: we want you and your family to have full medical and income benefits immediately. However, if the insurance company is not willing to treat you fairly, we are always ready to file a disability lawsuit on your behalf.

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At Kantor & Kantor LLP, our Half Moon Bay ERISA attorneys have considerable experience handling complex long term disability cases. If your long term disability claim was denied in the Bay Area, we can help. To get a free, no strings attached review of your claim, please call our law firm today or reach out to us directly through our website.

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