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ERISA Lawyers Oakland

ERISA Lawyers Oakland

At Kantor & Kantor, our ERISA lawyers in Oakland have a comprehensive understanding of the relationships between employers and insurance companies. We know the law and we know how to protect the rights and interests of our clients. If your insurance claim was denied in Oakland, CA, we are ready to take immediate action on your behalf. Call our Alameda County law office to set up a free consultation. 

We Handle the Full Range of ERISA Claims

  • Long Term Disability Claims: If you or your family member is no longer able to work on a full-time basis, financial benefits may be available through a disability insurance policy. Sadly, people who are covered by disability insurance are not always able to get access to their benefits. You have the right to appeal an unfavorable decision. If your disability policy came from an employer, it falls under ERISA. At Kantor & Kantor, we have extensive experience representing clients in long term disability claims in Oakland
  • Long Term Care Claims: Long term care can be incredibly expensive in Northern California. Unfortunately, even people with long term care coverage sometimes struggle to access the full financial benefits and support that they need. If your long term care claim was rejected in Oakland, please call us for immediate assistance. 
  • Retirement Plan Claims: We handle the full range of retirement plan claims. If you are part of a pension or any other type of employer-based retirement plan, you deserve the full benefits that you earned without any unreasonable or unwarranted delay. Our law firm helps clients get their retirement compensation. 
  • SERP and Other Executive Deferred Compensation Claims: Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERP) and other similar executive deferred compensation plans can be complicated. If you submitted a claim against such a plan and are struggling to get access to your benefits, our Oakland ERISA lawyers can help. 
  • Life Insurance Denials: Life insurance exists to protect vulnerable families at the time that they need financial support the most. Sadly, getting access to life insurance benefits can be challenging. If your life insurance claim was denied in Oakland, our law firm is ready to help. 
  • Breach of Fiduciary Litigation: ERISA plan administrators owe a fiduciary duty to participants and beneficiaries. When they violate that duty, they must be held accountable. If you have questions about breach of fiduciary duty litigation, please do not hesitate to contact us today. 

Discuss Your Case With Our Oakland, CA ERISA Attorneys Today

At Kantor & Kantor, our California ERISA lawyers have the skills, training, and experience needed to protect your rights. If you are having a hard time getting benefits through an employer-sponsored insurance plan, contact us right away. Consultations are free and fully confidential. We represent ERISA claimants in Oakland and throughout Alameda County. 


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