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ERISA Disability Lawyers San Francisco

ERISA Disability Lawyers San Francisco

At Kantor & Kantor, our ERISA disability lawyers in San Francisco are compassionate, caring, and effective advocates for clients throughout the Bay Area. If your ERISA disability claim was rejected in San Francisco, you need to take swift action to protect your rights. For a free, strictly confidential review of your ERISA disability case, please call our San Francisco law office right away. 

Four Things You Need to Know About ERISA Disability Claims in San Francisco

  • The Insurance Company Must Provide a Written Denial Letter

Under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), insurance companies are obligated to follow specific rules and regulations when reviewing claims and issuing or denying coverage. If your ERISA disability benefits were denied, you should have received a written letter that offers you a detailed explanation regarding the insurance company’s ruling. Make sure you get denial letter reviewed by an experienced San Francisco ERISA lawyer. 

  • You Have 180 Days to Submit an Appeal

The ERISA claims process moves quickly — more quickly than most people realize. You only have six months — 180 days — to file your appeal. If you fail to appeal in time, that could be the end of your case. You may lose out on your right to obtain disability coverage. Do not give up — you have a right to appeal.  

  • The Administrative Appeal Comes First

The ERISA disability appeals process begins with an administrative review. In effect, you must make your first appeal directly to the insurance company. During this stage of an appeal, a claimant should submit any relevant supplementary documents, records, other evidence. Failure to do so could result in that evidence being barred from consideration during the remainder of your case. 

  • You Retain to the Right to File a Lawsuit

In the event that your administrative appeal is denied, you will still have the right to file a lawsuit in federal court. To be clear, most ERISA appeals are resolved without litigation. By some measures, more than 95% of claims are settled prior to litigation. Our San Francisco ERISA disability lawyers have a record of successful results in settling claims with insurance companies. At the same time, we are a trial-tested ERISA disability law firm. If the insurance company does not play by the rules, we will file a lawsuit to get your disability coverage. 

Contact Our San Francisco ERISA Disability Attorneys Right Away

At Kantor & Kantor, our California ERISA disability lawyers represent clients whose insurance companies have refused to pay their claim or have denied full and fair benefits. To arrange a free, no-obligation review of your case, please contact our San Francisco law office today.


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