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ERISA Denial Attorney San Francisco

ERISA Denial Attorney San Francisco

At Kantor & Kantor, our ERISA denial attorneys in San Francisco are experienced, reliable advocates for policyholders. We have a deep understanding of the complex rules, regulations, and procedures that navigate ERISA claims. If you were denied ERISA benefits, we are more than prepared to help. For a free, comprehensive review of your ERISA denial, please reach out to our San Francisco office.

ERISA Denials in San Francisco: You Have a Right to File an Appeal

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) was passed by congress in the 1970s to set standardized rules for pension plans and group insurance plans. Most insurance policies obtained through an employer are regulated by ERISA. For policyholders, this is good news and bad news. ERISA includes some important legal protections. At the same time, in some ways, the law tilts the law in favor of insurers. Our San Francisco attorneys handle all types of ERISA denials, including: 

ERISA is governed by strict statutory deadlines. If you fail to initiate your appeal before time runs out, you may lose out on your opportunity to challenge an ERISA denial in court. Do not miss your chance to hold the insurance company accountable. Reach out to a San Francisco ERISA lawyer right away after receiving a denial notice. 

How Our San Francisco ERISA Lawyers can Help

ERISA is one of the most complicated federal laws on the books. The large insurance companies use the complexity to their own advantage. At Kantor & Kantor, we know how to level the playing field. Our law firm is ready to get started today on your case. Among other things, our San Francisco ERISA attorneys will:

  • Comprehensively review your denial letter during a free consultation; 
  • Explain your legal rights and legal options; and
  • Take action to build a strong, compelling ERISA appeal. 

We pride ourselves on providing truly personalized, attentive legal services to each and every client that retains our law firm. Our San Francisco attorneys know how much your ERISA benefits matter. With a long record of success stories, we have helped policyholders and their families recover more than $500 in financial support from insurance companies. 

Call Our San Francisco ERISA Denial Lawyer for Help

At Kantor & Kantor, our San Francisco ERISA denial lawyers provide top quality, tenacious representation for clients. If your ERISA claim was denied, our lawyers could help. Contact our San Francisco office to schedule your free, no-obligation initial consultation. We look forward to assisting you. 


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