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Alameda Insurance Denial Appeals Lawyers

Alameda Insurance Denial Appeals Lawyers

 At Kantor & Kantor, our top-rated Alameda insurance denial appeals lawyers are committed to advocating for people, not large corporations or insurance companies. We fight aggressively to get our clients the benefits that they need and deserve. If your insurance claim was denied, do not give up — you have the right to file an appeal. To arrange a no-fee, no commitment review of your insurance denial, give our Alameda office location a call today.

Insurance Claim Denied? Take Immediate Action 

Insurance companies are profit-making enterprises. Above all else, these firms are primarily interested in advancing their own bottom line. Unfortunately, one of the consequences of this basic fact of life is that insurance claims are sometimes incorrectly or unfairly denied. If your insurance claim was rejected in Northern California, you need to take quick action to protect your rights.

You may not have much time to file your initial appeal. How much time you have will depend on the specific terms of your insurance policy and the nature of your claim. As an example, if you brought a long term disability claim through an ERISA policy, you would typically have 180 days to submit your appeal. However, with a certain claim, you may have as little as 30 days or 60 days to appeal. To protect your rights, contact an experienced Alameda insurance denial appeal attorney right away. 

How Our Alameda, CA Insurance Appeals Attorneys Can Help 

We handle the full range of insurance appeals in Alameda County. Whether you are bringing an ERISA disability appeal, a health insurance appeal, or a life insurance claim, our legal team is here, ready to take action to get you the financial benefits that you deserve under the law. We have deep experience going up against California’s largest insurance companies. 

Our lawyers have seen all of the tactics, strategies, and defense maneuvers that are often used by insurers to try to deny or reduce the value of claims. You deserve justice and accountability. We know that nothing matters more for clients than results. Our Alameda, CA insurance appeal lawyers have a long record of success stories in representing beneficiaries a wide range of insurance appeals and other legal claims. 

Get Help from an Insurance Denial Appeal Attorney in Alameda, CA

At Kantor & Kantor, our Alameda insurance denial appeal lawyers work tirelessly to help our clients obtain the full and fair financial benefits that they deserve. For a free, strictly confidential review of your insurance claim, please contact our legal team right away. With an office in Alameda, we serve communities throughout Alameda County, including Oakland, Fremont, Hayward, Berkeley, and Dublin.


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