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Category: Defined Contribution Plans

Your ERISA Watch – Second Circuit Revives Excessive Fee Suit Against Investment Advisor

This week’s notable decision is Sacerdote v. Cammack Larhette Advisors, LLC, No. 18-1558, __F.3d__, 2019 WL 4777824 (2d Cir. Oct. 1, 2019), which is one of a series of cases involving university retirement plans and allegations of excessive administrative fees…

Your ERISA Watch – Second and Eighth Circuits Affirm Dismissal of Imprudent Investment Lawsuits Involving SunEdison Stock

This week’s notable decision is Usenko v. MEMC LLC, No. 18-1626, __F.3d__, 2019 WL 2344827 (8th Cir. June 4, 2019), where the Eighth Circuit affirmed the district court’s dismissal of this putative class action alleging that Defendants breached their duty…

ERISA Watch – July 19, 2016

Your reliable source for summaries of recent ERISA decisions  Below is Kantor & Kantor LLP’s summary of this past week’s notable ERISA decisions. Good morning, ERISA Watchers!  This week’s notable decision is In re Fidelity ERISA Float Litig., No. 15-1445,…

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