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Category: Attorney’s Fees

Your ERISA Watch – District Court Reduces Class Counsel Common Fund Fee Award Due to Attorney Misconduct

This week’s notable decision is Arkansas Teacher Retirement System v. State Street Bank and Trust Company, No. CV 11-10230-MLW, 2020 WL 949885 (D. Mass. Feb. 27, 2020), a must-read for those of us who do plaintiff class action work.  It…

Your ERISA Watch – Sixth Circuit Affirms Denial of Attorneys’ Fees to Successful ERISA Plaintiff in QDRO Dispute

This week’s notable decision, Simonoff v. Saghafi, et al., No. 19-3001, __F.App’x__, 2019 WL 4691468 (6th Cir. Sept. 26, 2019), is one where your sympathies may align with the end result, but one which seemingly makes a case that it…

Your ERISA Watch – Claimant Entitled to Attorney’s Fees for Court-ordered Remand Despite Insurer’s Offer of Voluntary Remand

This week’s notable decision is a fee decision and firm victory in Benjamin v. Oxford Health Ins., Inc., __F.Supp.3d__, 2019 WL 126190 (D. Conn. Jan. 8, 2019), a matter involving denial of residential treatment for a mental and/or behavioral health…

Your ERISA Watch – Court Orders Unsuccessful Claimant to Pay Third-Party Administrator’s Attorneys’ Fees in Lawsuit Preempted by ERISA

In ERISAland, attorneys’ fees are infrequently awarded to defendants for having to defend themselves in a matter involving a denial of disability benefits.  This week’s notable decision, Hackney v. Allmed Healthcare Management, Inc., No. 3:15-CV-00075-GFVT, 2018 WL 1981902 (E.D. Ky.…

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