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Appellate Court Rules that Employer’s Failure to Remit Disability Insurance Premiums Does Not Amount to Benefits Interference

Employees in Chicago who have short term or long term disability insurance coverage through an employer often face a common challenge when dealing with a progressing medical condition. As the condition progresses, it becomes more difficult to do your job.…

Supreme Court Denies Review of Long Term Disability ERISA Case – November 2013

The Supreme Court recently denied review in the matter of Martinez-Claib v. Bus. Men’s Assurance Co. of Am., U.S., No. 12-1403, cert. denied 11/4/13. This case arose from the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals (the federal court with appellate jurisdiction…

Advocating for Employees with Disabilities

For ALRP Panel Attorney Michelle L. Roberts, helping clients obtain their disability benefits is a bit like Sisyphus pushing a rock up the hill. The struggle can seem never-ending. But the appreciation she gets from her clients motivates her to…

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